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Spearmint and Matcha Hair Removal

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Looking for a solution for extremely sensitive skin? Look no further than the dynamic duo of Spearmint and Matcha. Our specially formulated product is designed to soothe redness and rashes with Spearmint, while Matcha rejuvenates and detoxifies your skin, leaving it soft, bright, and hair-free. Enjoy a luxurious spa experience at home and indulge in the ultimate self-care with our skin-smoothing formula. Say goodbye to impurities and hello to beautiful, radiant skin. Try our Spearmint and Matcha-infused product today and treat yourself to the perfect at-home spa day.

Can be used on intimate/bikini areas

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Spearmint and Matcha Hair Removal
Spearmint and Matcha Hair Removal

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Customer Reviews

Based on 258 reviews
Hair-free Lady
Best pain free Brazilian wax ever!

First of all, I am a 53 year old woman who has gray pubic hairs and devilish, chin hairs I do not like. I received the Spearmint & Matcha product quickly within a week after ordering, used it that day and it worked like magic! I had been going to my local, well known Euro wax store getting Brazilian waxes faithfully every month since 2014. Well no more!

Before getting started, I applied a thin layer of Aquaphor on my clitoris and inner walls and then applied a generous amount of the wax cream over my entire pubic area, inside of my labia, my anal area and my butt cheeks. I also applied a layer to my armpits, my upper lip and chin.
waited 15minutes for my face, but waited a total of 30mins for my underarms and pubic area. Those hairs are a bit course.and thicker. I simply used a microfiber washcloth and warm water. That was it. All the hair came off LIKE MAGIC! My face was smooth and pain free. My underarms were smooth with a slight stubble feel. Next time, I’ll leave it on a little longer for the armpits. But Honey, the Brazilian area….hair gone! I did have (and I counted) about 3-4 short grey hairs left inside my labia. That might have been where I need more wax cream or not as much Aquaphor. I will redo just that small area again before my next shower.
Because of the spearmint, there was a slight tingle, but absolutely nothing uncomfortable. The smell was pleasant.
I was so amazed and happy, I had to take before and after pictures. I made the decision to try this product after seeing the TikTok posts, BUT after reading other people’s reviews, so I know the importance of hearing and reading from others.

Please try the product, use it wisely and like me, you will be a customer again and again.

Daisha Jacobs

Tested on my underarms and I must say! For an individual who breaks out over anything, this has saved me! No irritation afterwards or weeks later! I will say the spearmint got me at first!lol But the tingling from the spearmint was bearable. Will try the charcoal next!

B. T.
It actually works

I was hesitant about this product but it actually works. The shield was a little to big and hard to place but the stuff works. SMOOTH

2+ year customer

It works. Love the results. Make sure you follow the instructions. It may take a couple tries until you really grasp how to apply it. For a while I was using too thin of a layer and would get patches. Try and try again. It's a smooth wax-like finish everytime. And use the oil for aftercare. The spearmint finish will leave your skin feeling tingly, even after washing it off. The oil soothes & softens skin immediately without leaving an oily film. Worth it.

Jayla Nikole
THE BEST!! No more waxing for me!

I’ve been getting waxed for the past seven years and it’s definitely starting to become another bill for me. I first seen this product on TikTok and looked at the reviews which made me want to try it out. I can’t express how wonderful this product is!! Reviews did not lie and I definitely will be ordering more of this product. 10/10 highly recommend!!

Blew my mind.

I will definitely be keeping this product in stock.had to let sit for 20mins but well worth it

Tonia Greer

I’m so glad I found TOO!! It works, it is amazing and a must have!!

Brittney Doe

This cream is definitely a replacement for Nair. It did take me longer than the 10-15 min, after 25 min these were the results. I wasn’t too happy because it wasn’t completely smooth, I feel like I get a smoother feel from shaving. However, this product was easy to use, did not burn, and did remove majority of the hair. If you don’t like waxing or shaving, this would be a nice alternative.

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