Lemon Scented

NEW Lemon 🍋 Hair Remover Cream

NEW Lemon Zest Hair Remover Cream delivers powerful body hair removal helping you stay smooth for days longer than shaving or waxing. This Clean chemical formula works great for individuals with sensitive skin. Infused with lemon zest and vitamin E it will moisturizes and revitalizes skin while also removing unwanted hair. Fast and easy to use!

Intended for the legs, arms, underarms and intimate areas.

It's a Magic Potion

In my opinion, waxing is the most painful option when it comes to hair removal, and shaving causes razor bumps and irritation, If you are looking for an all-natural painless hair removal product, then The Organic Ones Hair Removal Mask is the one for you. With its powerful organic combinations, the hair thins out and breaks away keeping you hair-free for up to 2-3 weeks. Simply apply the mask, wait, and wipe away any unwanted hair. No more painful waxing, razor bumps, or chemical burns, achieve long-lasting results right at home.

Brazilian Wax?

Thinking about getting a Brazilian wax, but don’t have a high tolerance for pain? Well, cancel that appointment and achieve the same results painlessly, right in the comfort of your home.

Our Lovely



I’m at a loss for words at how great this product is. Will be using for now on. I will not be tortured with waxing anymore (except for eyebrows lol).

Monica Brown

Becoming a first time mom I have neglected my legs the most. But this clay has helped take these hairy legs. It's my first time trying this product...

Shanna Harris

This product truly works! First time using it and I was smooth as a babies bottom with little effort! Will definitely be using this product from now on!

Van P

I’m At A Loss For Words At How Great This Product Is. Will Be Using For Now On. I Will Not Be Tortured With Waxing Anymore (Except For Eyebrows Lol).

Monica Brown


Can the product be used in private areas?

Our products are safe to use on the bikini area and they are one of the best alternatives to a full Brazilian wax. (Refrain from using the products on the inner parts of the vaginal area) 

What areas can the hair-removal cream be used on?

Our hair removal masks can be used on the underarms, back, arms, fingers, chest, legs, and bikini line. Be sure to acknowledge which masks are for the body and which masks are for the face. Due to the face being more sensitive than the body, we designed a hair removal mask specifically for facial hair. If the cream comes in contact with the eye, nose, or mouth, please wash it out immediately and speak to a medical specialist./pages/faqs

About how long does it take to show effects?

Effects are shown immediately.