How To Apply

Test the Hair Removal Mask

Put a small amount of the formula on the inside of your elbow to test for a reaction (allergic reaction/skin irritation). It's best to wait a few hours to a full day to be certain you won't have a negative reaction to the mask.

Apply the Hair Removal Mask to the area of unwanted hair.

Apply the hair removal mask on area of the body where you would like to remove hair. Spread the formula evenly on the area. Do not rub the product into your skin, just smooth it out.

Wait the suggested amount of time

You want to wait around 10 - 15 minutes before removing the hair removal mask. If you have more thick or coarse hair, you may need to leave the formula on for 20 minutes. Do not exceed 30 minutes total. Flip through a magazine to pass the time as the formula works to exfoliate dead skin cells away and restore radiance.



 Wipe away a small area to check if there is stubble left behind. If there is still some stubble, you can keep the mask on for a few more minutes, but do not exceed 30 minutes total.

Remove the Hair Removal Mask

If your skin is smooth and stubble free, you may wipe away the mask with a damp washcloth and rinse away any residue left over in the shower. Always rinse your skin after removing the hair removal mask, this will ensure that all of the mask has been removed.


Apply Aftershave Oil


For better results, finish off with The Organic Ones Aftershave Body Oil made with 100% Coconut and Lavender, leaving your skin extra smooth and ready to reveal.