How To Apply

Test the Hair Removal Mask

Put a small amount out on the inside of your elbow to test for a reaction. It's best to wait a few hours to a full day to be certain you won't have a negative reaction to the mask.

Apply the Hair Removal Mask to the area of unwanted hair.

Apply a thick layer to the entire area that you want to remove hair from. Don’t rub the product into your skin, just smooth it out.

Wait the suggested amount of time

You want to wait around 5-10  minutes before removing the Hair Removal Mask. It’s very important not to leave the Mask on longer than the directions indicate. 


Remove the Hair Removal Mask

 You can use a wet cloth to remove the Mask 


Rinse and dry your skin

Always rinse your skin after removing the Hair Removal Mask, This will ensure that all of the Mask has been removed.


Apply Aftershave Oil

for better result and smooth soft skin, use The Organic Ones Aftershave Body Oil made with 100% Lavender and coconut