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Hair Removal Mask Charcoal and Turmeric

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Introducing the Charcoal and Turmeric Hair Removal Mask, a natural and effective solution for removing unwanted hair! Our formula is made with 100% turmeric, natural clay, activated charcoal, and other natural ingredients to draw out and remove hair, dirt, oil, and impurities, leaving your skin soft, bright, and hair-free.

With TOO Hair Removal Mask, you can say goodbye to the hassle of shaving and waxing. Our mask removes unwanted hair in just minutes, while also brightening and exfoliating your skin. Plus, you won't experience any burning or irritation sensations like with other hair removal methods.

Try the Charcoal and Turmeric Hair Removal Mask today for a natural and effective hair removal experience!

*Test a small patch of skin before using the mask to make sure there's no allergic reaction.

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Hair Removal Mask Charcoal and Turmeric
Hair Removal Mask Charcoal and Turmeric

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Customer Reviews

Based on 376 reviews
Amazing 😻

This right here is a must if you hate the pain of waxing down there. I did one side to try it out and it feels and look I got like a wax no hair in sight

Desire Medina

I love the natural hair removal. Doesn’t burnt your skin like other hair removals. You will feel a tingling sensation before and after. But overall I like it. Works best on thicker hair and full of hair.

Does exactly what it says!

Thank God it works! I was going to be sad if it didn’t, but I left it on for about 17 minutes before removing and the hair came right out/off. I used A soft sponge to remove in circular motions which was perfect. No harsh smell like nair but there is still a slight scent. Would buy again!


Hair Removal Mask Charcoal and Turmeric

Waiting process.

The product didn’t work at all I left it on for about 30 mins and nothing…

Rosalyn Terry
Really great product

I have sensitive skin and this product was really good with not only removing the hair but also my skin felt really smooth after. There was no irritation or breakouts.

Brittany Nelson
Glazed Kewchie

Got this kewchie looking like a glazed donut LOL for my coarse hair girlies I recommend to leave it on for 20-25mins.

Isabel Ruiz

This thing has changed my way to view shaving. It left me smooothhhhh and when I mean smoooothhhh super smooothhhh. I dont do reviews but this thing is on another level. I dont like shaving creams like this since they tend to smell bad or even have physically burned my skin. This was not the case. It says whats its suppose to do and it smells good. Wish there were more options of the product for me to buy but most of them have been out of stock. Bring themmmmm I loved this so much I feel so confident and I would like to purchase some more. As a swimmer shaving sucks for me but with this thing not anymore

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