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Lick and Stick?

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Picture this: you get your V-Shield package, rip it open in excitement, and position yourself for this magical shield experience. But oh no, it goes "plop" and falls off. You're left wondering, "Is this shield too big? Is it me?" After a few tries, you're like, "THIS DOESN'T FIT."

Guess what? We hear you – WE'VE GOT YOUR BACK!

Enter the "lick and stick" trick, where the super-flexible silicone V-Shield becomes your personalized solution.  Make sure the V-Shield is moist enough to create a snug seal around the vulva area, ensuring a secure fit. Just give it a gentle squeeze to get rid of any trapped air, and voila – it sticks right to your body. Whether your inner lips are too wide or too small, the V-Shield can flex to your needs.

Facing some challenges? If it's riding too high, make sure the head sits comfortably on your clitoris, and the tail snugly fits between your butt cheeks to keep things in place.

These helpful tips come from real comments and reviews, addressing different body types. If you've tried everything and still have no luck? No worries – everyone's body is unique. But if these tips work for you – Awesome! We're thrilled. Our goal is to keep improving, so you can enjoy a better and more comfortable hair removal session. Stay tuned for more cool stuff!